"Talk Everywhere using Everything"
“The revolutionary concept of layer_TEXT allows us to say a specific content by any means at our disposal.
This communication system is the first language detached from the corpus used to talk with.

Endless odds." (download an english printed version of the Arts Catalogue 2012: 4MB)
Talk Everywhere using Everything
 >First press reactions: Carmen Pallarés
Friday 14th of September, 2012
- fully translated into english
- added idio examples
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First transcript of a text into idio_MUSE using a humpback whale corpus.

After studying the wistle repertories that are capable of making these and other cetaceans, we have transcribed the poem "A Message" so they could imitate it.

First steps to define a useful layer_TEXT transcription to communicate with cetaceans. The project has a great importance because, by using the corpus of the animal, we can study their ability to memorize sequences and relate abstract entities, actions, qualities, names, etc ....
iazabo @ incubarte 2012
Transcription of the poem "A Message" by applying the sequence of commands on video. Both audio and video are articulated by the text. nonu iazabo.
Den Haag Min 10 wins the SCREENS prize of Incubarte 2012
Example of idio_ABLA transcription (last phrase of The Earth Chapter). For scifi purposes and fiction films.
Updated Dynamic Examples
Added little examples of idio_MOVE, idio_MORPHO and idio_VISUA. Minimal terms: the shape of a square, the position of a square or playing with three colors.
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latext_TRANSLATOR  we are looking for the development of a layer_TEXT translator, so everybody can translate their own texts into latext. If you have the skills to do this and want to be involved go to participate.
The Spanish composer Carlos Fernández (iazabo) performs in the Antonio de Suñer Gallery his first multi-disdiplinary and solo exhibition about the new language  layer_TEXT.
Last artistic releases using layer_TEXT: